How much are you willing to sacrifice for those who you love?

Orphaned under mysterious circumstances and raised by her grandmother, Maia thinks she’s left her tragic past behind her.

Now a dreamy seventeen-year-old, Maia longs to find true love with her high school crush when she receives the appalling news that her long-dormant Cancer has returned, not just to mess with her romantic plans, but to ruin her entire life.

One night, during her stay at the hospital, Maia is visited by a peculiar young man who confesses he is about to claim the soul of her beloved grandmother. But Maia offers her own soul instead and joins this gorgeous harbinger of death in an odyssey to the hereafter. The dizzying journey takes Maia and her beguiling companion from an elaborate ball, to a steam locomotive in the sky, to a haunted abandoned country house, to the bottom of a lake, and other magical locales. They face otherworldly obstacles as Maia attempts to save her only relative and determine if there is any hope for her own tortured soul.

VANDELLA is a Young Adult (YA) magical realist tale with a heartbreaking and vividly surreal story, layered with intriguing characters, lush settings, and a fast-paced and exciting narrative. This novel is the first entry of the VANDELLA series.

October 15th 2021

“Landa spins readers headlong into a jarring but intriguing odyssey through an underworld where dreams and nightmares trump logic.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Strong worldbuilding and an engaging teen protagonist ground this fantasy in real emotion.” Booklife Reviews

“The afterworld portrayed in this novel might give Dante himself nightmares.”Booklife Prize


Scientists say that time is relative and that the universe in which we live our ordinary lives can be as illusory as a dream. But, if it is truly a dream, can death be relative too?

After finishing his shift as cashier in the supermarket to pay the bills, old Harvey spends his nights watching over and over the VHS tapes with the recordings of his televised show to relive his long-gone moments of fame and success as a magician.
One night, Harvey receives the visit of an enigmatic being that will take Harvey through a roller-coaster of memories which will challenge all his beliefs.
Is magic the sole key for Harvey to solve the life-threatening puzzle given by The Man with a Thousand Names?

VANDELLA’S CHRONICLES is a series of side stories which expand and complement the events in the VANDELLA novel series.
The Man with the Thousand Names is a magical realist graphic novel intended for young audiences (T+, Teen Plus).

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VANDELLA: Resilience

Would you challenge the destiny to do the right thing?

Peach life turns around when she receives a letter from his brother Anton, who died under mysterious circumstances a year ago. In the letter, Anton forewarns his sister about the dangers hiding in Wewelsburg Castle. Unfortunately for Peach, that dreadful castle is also the only place where she can find the clues to solve the mystery of his brother’s passing.

VANDELLA: RESILIENCE is Book Two in the VANDELLA Series. Please subscribe to the newsletter to receive notifications about news and the pre-order campaign of this incoming novel.

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